Terms & Conditions

Package-Point holds no responsibility by eventual delays that are the delivering company’s responsibility. Even so, and in the case the delivery exceeds 10 business days, please contact us so we can check your problem with the distributer.

Warranties and Commitments

We guarantee the delivery of your order on the scheduled deadline as well as we accept the return of the order if that doesn’t happen.

Order Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel the orders in case of stock shortage, which should be communicated to the customer within one day after the date of receipt of proof of payment. We guarantee the refund of the amounts relating to the out of stock items and consider the shipping costs, within 5 working days after the date off notification of cancellation. There may also be canceled orders which result from false orders or suspected fraudulent use of cards.

Right to free resolution

In case of Contract Resolution, you have a period of 14 consecutive days from the date of receipt of order. You must return the goods in perfect condition with original packaging and with purchase proof. Do not forget: always print a copy of your purchase proof.

We guarantee the delivery of orders on time or accept the return of the order.