• 30 ml Syrup Bottle Glass Pharmacy Amber

30 ml Syrup Bottle Glass Pharmacy Amber

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Minimum Order = 110 units.
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Units per box: 110

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The amber glass jar for syrup with 28 millimeters of mouth is essential in medical and laboratory activity. These glass bottles are suitable for medicines, chemicals, alternative medicine, herbal remedies, lotions, cleaning products and more.

Made of amber glass to help filter UV rays.

These bottles are available in the capacities of 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, 125ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml and 500ml.

There are two types of optional covers, PP28 tamper-proof cover and liquid soap dispenser pump.

Manufactured in Europe in clean rooms ISO 8 and with EU pharmaceutical certification. Patented design.

The volumetric control and weight are made according to the technical drawing, the raw material used in accordance with food industry certifications and FDA rules - U.S. FDA Food & Beverages.

The leak testing and functionality are done according to the internal work instruction, with specific components.

In addition to the control that is done during the production at the end of each batch, a final inspection is also carried out according to the standard standards ISO 9001, ISO 15378 and ISO 13485



1. Volume 30 ml

Weight 44 g

Diameter 33 mm

Height 65 mm


2. Volume 60 ml

Weight 79 g

Diameter 35 mm

Height 90.5 mm


3. Volume 100 ml

Weight 99 g

Diameter 40 mm

Height 105 mm


4. Volume 125 ml

Weight 107 g

Diameter 40 mm

Height 115 mm


5. Volume 150 ml

Weight 156 g

Diameter 45 mm

Height 125mm


6. Volume 200 ml

Weight 204 g

Diameter 50 mm

Height 135 mm


7. Volume 250 ml

Weight 260 g

Diameter 55 mm

Height 145 mm


8. Volume 500ml

Weight 263 g

Diameter 70 mm

Height 180 mm

Items per box 110
Type Glass
Nominal Volume 30 ml
Unit Weight 44 g
Diameter 33 mm
Height 65 mm

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