500ml Container Cylindrical PP

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Minimum Order = 225 units.
Ref.: Balde Redondo PP 500ml
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Units per box: 225

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PP plastic buckets or buckets, random semi-transparent polypropylene with tamper-evident closure with snap closure or thread, are designed to store various liquids or solids such as sweets, seasonings, soups, fruits, sauces and sauces among many other products.

Manufactured in the EU and with food certification, the raw material used in manufacturing is random polypropylene, a lightweight, non-toxic, odorless polypropylene that does not transfer undesirable flavors or odors or toxic substances to the contents of the buckets.

This random PP makes crystallization difficult, increasing not only the impact resistance but also the transparency and brightness of the products.

Material 100% recyclable and can go to the washing machine.

Used and famous worldwide in the food industry, they are also the choice for numerous industries that need safe packaging to store their products, such as automotive, construction, technology, among many others. Its high resistance to fatigue makes PP the material of choice for the most diverse areas.

With a patented design and mold, such as the tamper-evident lid and the patented closure mechanism that allows the lid to be closed in two different ways, by pressure applied to the lid against the jar, i.e., a dry blow, or also through the system of thread.

The volumetric control and weight are made according to the technical drawing, the raw material used according to the certifications of the food industry and the rules of the FDA - U.S FDS Food & Beverages.

The leak test and the functionality are done according to the internal work instruction, with specific components.In addition to the control that is done during production at the end of each batch, a final inspection is also performed according to ISO 9001, ISO 15378 and ISO 13485.


1. Volume 500ml

Weight 36g

Larger Diameter 112mm

Smallest Diameter 102mm

Height 70mm

2. Volume 1000ml

Weight 46g

Larger Diameter 112mm

Smallest Diameter 92mm

Height 70mm

Items per box 225
Type PP
Nominal Volume 500ml
Unit Weight 36g
Height 70mm

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